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Computer Numerical Control Machining (CNC)

with laboratories - Part 1


Click here for Part 2  http://MT212L.pbwiki.com


sine bar and plate.doc  

The enclosed documents are the coursework for teaching the CNC labs


Table of Contents





Instructor Resources

  • Cutting Tool Calibration
  • Entering G-code into BobCAD and Simulation
  • Entering G-code into Boxford and Simulation
  • G-Code Snipets
  • Third-Party Support Documentation



Student Resources




Project Management




CNC Lab Worksheets & other data











Laboratory Evaluation


Comments (1)

James Dunn said

at 8:30 am on Aug 16, 2008

This coursework is specifically designed to encourage thought processes in Project Management and Teamwork, while learning the fundementals of CNC technologies.

Along with learning the basics of working in a CNC environment to produce parts from your thoughts, is the need to develop mental toolsets to allow the student to interact productively with multiple projects (multi-tasking), and to work productively as a member of a team.

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